Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Code implodes for second time at 80K lines of code
This line made me happy to execute today

[dhubler@penguin main-pingtel]$ svn rm sipXconfig

For quite some time, pingtel maintained a fork of sipfoundry code, Damian and I diligently synchronized back and worth. Well Pingtel dropped it's dual license and now there's no need to keep a separate copy.

Think about it, 80K lines of merge burdening code just vanished. We haven't seen an implosion like this since sipXconfig 3.0 when we deleted legacy EJB code and went with Spring....which happened to be 80K lines of code too! I had that honor of blowing that away too. Damian deletes as much code but he prefers the old fashioned way: line by line and svn commit by commit.

So rev 8320 on sipfoundry and 7705 on pingtel of sipXconfig are identical, now I delete sipXconfig on pingtel's side and make a svn external. WHOO-HOOO!

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