Wednesday, August 03, 2005
VoIP Developer conference update
This week I'm attending the VoIP developer conference in San Francisco. Over all, a great show. 1000 people are supposedly attending.

I gave a talk about sipXconfig. About 30 people showed up. I want to thank Scott and Martin for pluging the session earlier in the day as much as they did.

Questions that came up after the session were:

- Question about running sipXconfig as stand-alone. I said there was no packaging as such right now, but that it would be possible very easily.
- Alan Percey from AudioCodes said firmware was important so bootp would be nec.
- Question about running TFTP server on different machine. I said you could use NFS, or write a TFTP service bean that used TFTP's write mechanism to send profiles
- Concern that unsolicted sip NOTIFY to signal phone restart required a proxy. (This can be resolved if we knew the IP address of the phones which is not easy on a brand new phone out of the box. If solved this would remove restriction that a phone needs to be registered inorder to restart but finding the ip address.)

The keynote from one of the large PBX vendors mentioned how they were going to a web services model to give a higher level API to handling call control. So you could issue a SOAP command to call someone. Obvisously the call doesn't originate from your phone, but if it calls your phone and the other endpoint you wish to talk to, then it's kinda interesting.

Right now we're using SOAP to configure the system, but this is where I see our web services direction going. Leverage the SIP stack to build a business applications api.

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