Sunday, April 09, 2006
Internet in Sopot
Internet w Sopocie
Internet w Sopocie,
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Spent couple of days in Poland's Tricity area (Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia). I was hoping for a vacation break but you know how it is. You meet your friends. Since you are a geek, most of your friends are geeks. You end up drinking beer and discussing ethernal Java vs. Ruby questions.

There are obvious perks of being in this enviable position of someone who is paid for writing open source project. The drawback is that you are perceived as a member of interesting, but also a bit creepy cult. Your friends will proceed to quickly intoxicate you and ask tricky questions such as "How can you possibly make any money on it?". So thanks Eric Raymond for your Magic Couldron or I would not have escaped alive.

For those who did not have a chance to visit Tricity - it's kind of similar to Boston. Old port, got rich on trade, very cosmopolitan place, old architecture next to shining new buildings, good restaurants, pubs filled with students and live music. Bay of Gdańsk is warmer than Bay of Boston, and windsurfing is more popular than sailing here. Poland's Cape Cod is called Hel (only one "l" here) Peninsula and Peer is Sopot is way longer than anything you can find on the East Coast but the same superiority feeling towards respectively New York and Warsaw might trick you into forgetting about 5 time zones in between.

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