Friday, March 17, 2006
Betas are lame
Saw this and couldn't agree more with Microsoft
-- Mary Jo Foley - Microsoft Watch

Select blubs I liked:

"Beta builds are predictable milestones by which external and internal testers have measured their progress toward the delivery of final code. Betas are typically few and far between, and feedback on them tends to be late and sometimes lame. But they are nonetheless a known quantity, and one that software developers, OEM partners and customers of all sizes rely on in gauging when and how to support a new product.

Open source turned the traditional software development paradigm on its head. In the open source world, testers receive frequent builds of products under development. Their recommendations and suggestions typically find their way more quickly into developing products. And the developer community is considered as important to writing quality code as are the "experts" shepherding the process."

"When a feature is ready, it will go into the product," Flessner explained. "I'd like to be in a situation where we can ship (a new release or update) in 120 days, due to market requirements, the team being tired or whatever."


The ability to install the latest CTP atop the most recent one is a priority, as well. "Customers need to be able to upgrade. When you can't upgrade from one CTP to the next, that is a definite problem," Flessner admitted.

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